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The Cooperative Global Commitment 

Connecting lines, connecting lives

Working closely with NRECA International, most of our volunteer electrification projects are  sponsored by statewide associations. The goal is to improve the lives of people by bringing them affordable and reliable electricity. Each year, volunteer linemen from America’s electric cooperatives travel overseas to bring first time electricity access to rural and remote communities around the world.

Cooperative Global Commitment in 2020

How it’s done

Once a volunteer electrification project is initiated, NRECA International staff will proceed with the detailed, multi-step planning process. Here’s a snapshot of what is involved:

  • Electrification projects are carefully selected by NRECA International team members located in countries like Guatemala, Bolivia, and Arlington, Virginia.
  • Before a project is approved, the team evaluates all conditions at each project site to ensure member safety, adequate housing, food service, and safe working conditions for the volunteers.
  • Once a site has been selected, the team produces a staking design for the project, which determines what material is needed to complete the work.
  • A project site pre-planning trip takes place with key co-op team members and NRECA International staff to assess the site, determine what materials and equipment will be needed, lodging for volunteers, etc.
  • A project date is set!
  • NRECA International staff are always on the project site managing the construction project ensuring the wellbeing of the lineworkers.
  • It takes about a year from the time a project is initiated to the time it is completed.

Ready to go? Send an email to nreca.international@nreca.coop or call 703.907.5629.

Other ways to help

Many co-ops support our mission by donating funds. Donations from your co-op will help our team make sure the lights stay on for generations. Your donations will:

  • Support continued expansion of our popular volunteer program. Volunteers build distribution systems and provide staff training to newly established electric co-ops or power utilities in all aspects of management and operations. Our volunteers are committed to connecting lines, connecting lives.
  • Send damage assessment teams to help with power restoration efforts after natural disasters.
  • Connect “last mile” populations to the power grid—communities who live close to power lines, but have no means to get connected.

Donate now
To help us grow our community and ensure our long-term success, here are different ways you can help:

  • Donate directly via Paypal.
  • Send a check to: NRECA International, PO Box 75472, Baltimore, MD 21275-5472
  • Establish a payroll deductions program.
  • Host a fundraising campaign.

2020 Co-op Donors

Contact us at nreca.international@nreca.coop or 703.907.5645 for more information.