Cooperative Development Guide

Establishing Cooperatives for Rural Electrification

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NRECA International produced this publication to advance the basic understanding of rural electrification development for policymakers, donor organizations, and practitioners. The publication leads the reader through 10 self-contained modules covering the organizational, legal, technical, and financial aspects of rural electrification project design and implementation and electric cooperative development.

Download the Full Publication:

Guides for Electric Cooperative Development and Rural Electrification (PDF)

Download By Module:

Module 1: Legal and Institutional Enabling Systems for Sustainable Electric Cooperative Development (PDF)
Module 2: Guide for the Creation of Electric Cooperatives (PDF)
Module 3: Roles and Responsibilities of Electric Cooperative Boards of Directors (PDF)
Module 4: Business Plan for Rural Electric Cooperatives (PDF)
Module 5: Methodology for Evaluating Feasibility of Rural Electrification Projects (PDF)
Module 6: Calculating Consumer Willingness to Pay and Economic Benefit Analysis of Rural Electrification Projects (PDF)
Module 7: Distribution Line Design and Cost Estimation for Rural Electrification Projects (PDF)
Module 8: Financial Analysis of Rural Electrification Projects (PDF)
Module 9: Productive Uses of Electricity (PDF)
Module 10: Design and Implementation Guidelines for Stand-Alone Solar Photovoltaic Systems for Rural Electrification Projects (PDF)