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Empowering Small Businesses to Strengthen Communities

Making Communities Stronger

This year the COVID-19 pandemic has forced us to temporarily suspend our popular volunteer program, but we are pursuing other charitable initiatives that can continue to improve the lives of thousands in rural communities.

Without affordable and reliable power, the small businesses that are the backbone of many communities we live in cannot generate enough revenue to thrive and grow. To celebrate your continued support of our mission to expand electric access to communities around the world, we are proud to launch the Empowering Small Businesses to Strengthen Communities fundraising campaign.

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Join us to help communities like Totota, unlock their full potential. Two years after we helped this community establish the Totota Electric Cooperative (TEC), it is self-sufficient and has become the most successful electric service provider in Liberia.  Today,  we are partnering with TEC and other communities to implement productive use of electricity programs, to help a new wave of entrepreneurs (especially women) who now have electricity access, so they have the means and knowledge to generate income using electricity.

We intend to establish a loan fund to support local entrepreneurs, especially women, to grow their businesses, improve their lives, and to contribute to the economic growth of their community.

What will your donation do? 

Donated funds will be be used to help these small business owners purchase electric-powered tools or appliances, and help pay for initial electric bills. This initiative will benefit businesses like clinics, refrigeration facilities, restaurants, and repair shops which can help increase  revenue in communities that lack opportunities and have scarce resources.

We believe that it starts with power – but it doesn’t end there. We are committed to help communities gain the knowledge and support they need on how to use electricity productively, generate more income, and help their economies grow. Whether you’re a Megawatt Donor, a Kilowatt Donor or a Hundred Watt Donor, your individual donations contribute greatly to this and for that we are grateful.


How you can help:

  • Donate directly via Paypal.
  • Send a check to: NRECA International, PO Box 75472, Baltimore, MD 21275-5472
  • Host a fundraising campaign.

For more information (and ideas!) on how you can help empower businesses and strengthen communities, contact us at