Individual Donors

Brighter Generations Community of Supporters

Our deepest appreciation and gratitude to the following 2023 individual donors for supporting our passion and commitment to provide electricity to communities around the world. 

MEGAWATT DONORS ($1,000 or more)

Anthony A. Anderson

Peter T. Baxter

James H. Bennett

Henry J. Cano

Charlene R. Chase

Mel and Debbie Coleman

Jeffrey C. Connor

Nina Dang

Dr. Robert David Swafford, Jr.

Susan A. Donovan

Donald Douglas

Susan E. Flythe

Warren D. Goetsch

Christopher L. Hamon

S. Eugene Herritt

John D. Hewa

Mark C. Hofer

Lea G. Hoover

Ingrid I. Hunsicker

David Iha

Jeanette Ingrid Kessler

Raymond James

Meera Kohler

Michael Elliott Lynch

James D. Matheson

Richard A. McLeon

Peter N. Muhoro

Trudy S. Novak

Juliana C. Overstreet

T. Michael Partin

Stephen T. Rhodes

Michael R. Sassman

Daniel S. Saulsgiver

Ronald J. Schwartau

Randall W. Shaw

Connie Shroades

Timothy J. Smith

David F. Spradlin

Gregory J. Strehle

Dave Taylor

Matthew L. Todd

Dan Waddle

Jeffery Wright

Curtis and Selene Wynn

Dustin T. Young