Angola has almost 29 million people and is the third largest economy and second largest oil producer in African. Located in southwest Africa, only 34% of Angolans (and only 10% in rural Angola) have access to reliable electricity, despite recent progress in increasing electricity supply.

To help Angola meet the complex challenge of achieving national electrification coverage,  NRECA International was engaged by the World Bank to design a universal electrification access program.  This project included:

  • Reviewing existing energy/electrification related practices, legislation, regulations to assess progress and bottlenecks in expanding access in the country.
  • Using geospatial information systems to gather geographic data, identify least-cost electrification technology options to expand access.
  • Recommending or proposing viable options to scale up electrification efforts in Angola.
  • Disseminating the report findings to all stakeholders.


  • World Bank