Papua New Guinea

Located in the southwestern Pacific Ocean, and about the size of California, nearly 87% of this country’s 7 million population live in rural areas, and only 22% have access to electricity. A country rich with renewable energy resources, Papua New Guinea has a set target for full renewable energy generation by 2030, as well as 70% electricity access for its population.

To help the country achieve this, the NRECA International team is conducting a planning program funded by the World Bank, which will subsequently help the government implement its National Electrification Rollout Plan (NEROP). The team will:

  • Review existing electrification and power development studies.
  • Review and update the existing rollout plan.
  • Check the adequacy of the country’s power generation and transmission capacity, including grid expansion plans.
  • Provide a cost estimate of the electrification program.

At the conclusion, the team will provide a detailed report that will inform the World Bank and the government of Papua New Guinea on how best to reach its ultimate goal for universal access.


  • World Bank