Located in Southern Africa, Zimbabwe is a landlocked country with a population of about 14 million people. Roughly the size of California, about 60 percent of all households do not yet have access to commercial electric service, and 90 percent of rural households are without service.  

Funded by the World Bank, NRECA International is helping the Government of Zimbabwe to develop a national electrification analysis that will involve extensive consultation with local government authorities, communities and the private sector. In conjunction with an investment plan, this effort will be the foundation of a National Electrification Program.

To do this, NRECA International will review and assess institutional, technical and financing requirements to expand electrification access.  The analysis also will include a comparison  of current electrification practices with international best practices and can be used to achieve the electrification target using a combination of grid expansion  and off grid technologies. The NRECA International team will subsequently develop a national electrification analysis that can lay out the institutional, regulatory and financial pathways to achieve Zimbabwe’s electrification access goals.


  • Government of Zimbabwe
  • World Bank