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Brighter Generations Fundraising Program

Making the future bright for generations

We belong to a community that understands without reliable power, children won’t have brighter futures, parents cannot ensure good education or healthcare for their children, and communities cannot grow. To celebrate your continued support of our mission to expand electric access to communities around the world, we are proud to launch the Brighter Generations Fundraising Program geared toward individual donors who would like to get  involved. 

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Join us and get a closer look at what we do and how your contribution is helping bring access to electricity around the world. Be a part of a growing community that is helping create brighter futures today and for generations to come.

Your donations will help our team fund activities that contribute to electrification projects, and strengthen efforts to make sure the lights stay on for generations.

What your donation will do: 

  • Expand our volunteer program. Volunteers build distribution systems and provide staff training to newly established electric co-ops or power utilities in all aspects of management and operations. Our volunteers are committed to connecting lines, connecting lives.
  • Provide assistance after natural disasters. Your support allows us to send damage assessment teams to help with power restoration efforts after natural disasters.
  • Connect “last mile” populations to the power grid. Donations help us connect people in communities who live close to power lines, but have no means to get connected.

Our community believes that it starts with power – better healthcare, improved education, economic growth and safer streets, all begin with reliable and affordable electricity. Whether you’re a Megawatt Donor, a Kilowatt Donor or a Hundred Watt Donor, your individual donations contribute greatly to this and for that we are grateful.


How you can help:

  • Donate directly via Paypal.
  • Send a check to: NRECA International, PO Box 75472, Baltimore, MD 21275-5472
  • Host a fundraising campaign.

For more information (and ideas!) on how you can help future generations have brighter futures, contact us at