What’s in Store for NRECA International in 2022

Nick Allen, NRECA International international projects director and Ethiopia country director talking with a community member about his avocado trees in Balt kebele, Ethiopia.

In February, the host of Along Those Lines, a monthly NRECA podcast about electric cooperatives, interviewed NRECA International’s Senior Vice President Dan Waddle and International Projects Director Nick Allen. During this episode, we learn about what’s in store for NRECA International in 2022 and beyond.

Both share their insight on how continued efforts to adapt and expand the program are helping overcome challenges brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic. We also hear about how the resurgence of confidence in the ability of the cooperative model to bring sustainable electric service to unserved communities, particularly in African countries, has greatly elevated the program’s status.

And lastly, we’ll hear about the when the team hopes to restart the popular volunteer program that was suspended due to the pandemic. 

Listen to the episode below: