Mapping a Path Towards Universal Access

The Liberia National Electrification Analysis Project

Funded by the World Bank, and in close partnership with the Government of Liberia’s Rural and Renewable Energy Agency and the Ministry of Mines a& Energy, the NRECA International team implemented the Libera National Electrification Analysis (NEA) project to prepare a framework to support increased electricity access in the country. This geospatial platform will be the foundation for the design, planning and implementation of the Government of Liberia’s National Electrification Strategy.

Incorporating digital innovation and well-defined visualization, this powerful planning tool offers a database of the existing Liberia Electricity Corporation’s distribution and transmission systems, planned distribution and transmission projects, and structures and roads throughout Liberia.

A team of geospatial specialists evaluated data layers and determined project costs for the lowest, and most technically appropriate electrification modalities. This includes options for densification, intensification, and expansion of on and off-grid electrification in urban and rural areas of Liberia, contributing to the government’s aim to accelerate the pace of electrification, lower the cost, and increase the impact of investment, infrastructure construction, and connections.