Making Communities Stronger

Last year, as the COVID-19 pandemic forced us to temporarily suspend our popular volunteer program, we launched the Empowering Small Businesses to Strengthen Communities fundraising campaign. This initiative was established to help communities like Totota, unlock their full potential.

To do this, we established a loan program managed by the Totota Electric Cooperative (TEC) with guidance and oversight by the NRECA International team. The goal is to support local entrepreneurs, especially women, to grow their business, improve their lives, and contribute to the economic growth of their community. Ultimately, the hope is to also bolster energy consumption of TEC members and increase the cooperative’s revenue.

Thanks to your generous donations the first beneficiaries were selected under the loan program.

Joanna Kollie, Owner, Quopolu Frozen Food Family Business Center

Joanna is the largest electricity consumer for TEC. She has a strong business presence in Totota and manages several businesses ranging from cold storage, a convenience store and a provision shop. Her loan allows her to purchase a freezer to grow her business.

Dorcus Fombah, Owner, Ma’O Business Center

Dorcus is the third largest electricity consumer for TEC. She sells small frozen popsicles every day in the market and currently employs three people at her business. Her loan will be used to grow her business: A double door horizontal freezer and TV for an entertainment center.

Emmanuel Lawrence, Owner, David’s Business Center

Emmanuel operates a mid-size shop selling sodas, goods, canned food. To keep his business operational and return to normal activity, his loan will be used to replace a damaged freezer.

Emmanuel Tarnue, Owner, God’s Favor Provision Shop

Emmanuel runs a soda business and will use the loan to purchase a new freezer.

John Fombah, Pastor, The Hope of Glory Conquerors Chapel

Pastor Fombah is the pastor for one of the main churches in Totota. The loan will be used to purchase air conditioners.