NRECA International completed the national strategy for electrification for the Ministry of Water, Irrigation and Energy in Ethiopia. The national electrification strategy will lay the groundwork for sustainable economic growth by expanding access to electricity for millions of Ethiopians living in urban, per-urban, rural and remote areas. NRECA International consulted with stakeholders that included the Ethiopian Electric Power Company, the Ethiopian Electric Utility Company and several Ethiopian government agencies  to evaluate  grid and off-grid expansion options to improve the efficacy of the ongoing investment program in electric infrastructure. The team built on Ethiopia’s past electrification efforts, including laying the foundation for an extensive rural electric network.

NRECA International has recently received a grant from the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) to conduct feasibility studies that will evaluate how to accelerate off-grid electric service to complement the government’s grid expansion program. Ultimately, this program envisions a nationwide effort to electrify the country’s rural areas using primarily off-grid renewable resources.

Through USAID’s Cooperative Development Program, NRECA International is advising the Ethiopian Electric Utility on how best to create an efficient and effective business environment to promote the establishment of viable off-grid service providers, including rural electric cooperatives.


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