Providing reliable and affordable electricity supports economic growth, improved healthcare and better education.

Over the decades, our team has focused on establishing and strengthening rural utilities. These utilities energize agriculture, power small businesses and workshops, provide light for schools, facilitate vaccination storage and enable street lights for improved community security at night. We focus on practical solutions that have lifelong impacts and we train our counterparts to operate and maintain power systems they own.

These efforts require practical approaches, long-term capital, and investment in communities – all core values of NRECA International. We use a combination of conventional and advanced technologies to achieve efficiencies and sustainability, focusing always on community needs and selecting the technology choice that best serves the beneficiaries.

The direct link between electrification and poverty reduction is undeniable, and we continue our tradition as an implementer, role model and guide for governmental and private efforts to bring electrification to those in the world who need it and wish to convene efforts to overcome energy and economic poverty.

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The Smart Grid Alliance for the Americas (SGAA) Project

NRECA International implemented the Smart Grid Alliance for the Americas (SGAA) project – an innovative partnership that shared experience and technical assistance in smart grid technology applications to cooperative, municipal and other small electric distribution utilities in Latin America.

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