NRECA International

For more than 50 years, NRECA International has developed and implemented electrification programs across the globe.


Many lives have changed in Las Cuevas after having power for five years. Listen to the stories and learn about the
impact electricity can bring.


NRECA International

NRECA International has brought electricity to more than 126 million people in 43 developing countries.

We design and implement successful, sustainable, scalable rural electrification programs that improve education, healthcare, safety and economic opportunity.

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NRECA International’s work is supported by charitable donations of time, money and materials from more than 300 electric cooperatives in the United States as well as private organizations and individuals.

We are thankful for the hundreds of America’s electric co-op directors, linemen, engineers, managers and other employees who have volunteered their time and expertise worldwide to bring first-time access to electricity, and train local partners to help utilities be sustainable in their own communities.

We need your support to continue this important work.

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