Why I support NRECA International


We asked a few of our supporters what their commitment to our work means to them. Here is what they had to say:

Anna Politano – Director of Communications and Public Relations, Oklahoma Association of Electric Cooperatives

I believe that light can break through the darkness. That is why I wholeheartedly support the work of NRECA International and their legacy of providing light to those who don’t have it. Being born and raised in Brazil, I have seen first-hand the inequalities of the world. Poverty is real – but while it can leave one without material possessions, it doesn’t have the power to steal genuine joy. We have the gift of electricity today because someone rolled up their sleeves and made it a reality for our current and future generations. Today, we have the privilege of being that “someone” for families who are still living in the dark. Supporting NRECA International is one of the greatest gifts I have been granted during my electric cooperative career. I believe in their motto that “It Starts With Power” – and that power starts with you and me.

Steve Rasmussen – CEO, Adams Electric Cooperative, Pennsylvania

Supporting the NRECA International Program has been a passion at Adams Electric for almost 40 years. Improving the quality of life is key to what cooperatives are all about. In America, most of us don’t recall what it was like to not have electricity in the 1930’s and 40’s, but we certainly know what electricity has done to improve our quality of life. We tend to forget that there are still people around the globe that don’t have electricity and, therefore, don’t share in the same quality of life as us. Please consider volunteering, donating materials and equipment or providing a cash contribution. Helping your community, even if it’s on the other side of the world, only makes the cooperative program stronger.    

Nelle Hotchkiss — COO/SVP of Association Services, North Carolina’s Electric Cooperatives


I support NRECA International because electricity for a family or community means hope and opportunity. That is one way I can live the cooperative principles and support our mission.

Chris Hamon, CEO White River Electric Cooperative and Chair, NRECA International Committee

I support NRECA International because this is why we exist as electric cooperatives.  Bringing electricity to those who are not lucky enough to have it – whether it is in our back yard, our farms, or even far away countries. We have been challenged for years by many generations to bring light into the darkness. Through this awful pandemic, folks need light for their health and safety more than ever. Please consider contributing or even raising your contribution so that we can continue to light up the eyes of the world.

John Medved, Director, Safety, Compliance and Security Services Rappahannock Electric Cooperative, Virginia 

I support NRECA international because through them, I can change lives for the better.  There are so many around the world that do not have access to something that we take for granted.  To gain access to electricity is life-changing!  To provide access to something we take for granted is life-changing; it has changed mine!

Craig Moeller, Director, Risk Management and Training, Association of Missouri Electric Cooperatives

I support NRECA International because this program allows lineworkers from our local cooperatives the opportunity to see the Cooperative Principle of “Concern for Community” in action and it also transforms the lives of the volunteer lineworkers as much as it does the local villagers receiving electricity for the first time. I have been involved with all five of the Missouri/NRECA International volunteer electrification project trips as a team leader, and all of them have been a personal blessing to me. It is awesome that I can give back to those around the world who are less fortunate than us here in the United States. It is an unexplainable experience to see the faces of the families when the lights come on for the first time in their homes. These trips have given me a greater appreciation of life, and what we have been personally blessed with. A life changing experience for me personally and for every volunteer from Missouri!