Showcasing Latest Projects


In 2023, NRECA International was contracted by Nuru, a company dedicated to increase power access for the people in the DRC, to review designs, supervise construction, and validate the performance of power plants and distribution networks for the company’s metrogrid projects. In 2020, Nuru deployed the country’s first solar-based metrogrid in the city of Goma, which is also the largest solar hybrid minigrid in sub-Saharan Africa. The NRECA International team will undertake the role of Owner Engineer, for the metrogrid in Kindu and the expansion of the Goma metrogrid, more than doubling its capacity. These projects will result in 9,000 new electrical connections served by more than 5 MW of solar installations and 8 MWh of battery systems.



In 2023, NRECA International teamed up with the MRC Group based in Spain, to support the Government of Guatemala to increase rural electricity access in Guatemala. Funded by the World Bank’s Energy Sector Management Sector Program, NRECA International will conduct a geospatial planning analysis, and develop a least cost electrification plan. The team also will provide a preliminary design of mini grids for selected rural communities.



NRECA International has been engaged by OnePower to carry out an evaluation of the financial and technical impact of converting OnePower’s existing mini-grid designs into the first Single Wire Earth Return (SWER) systems used in solar mini-grids in Sub-Saharan Africa. This analysis includes design guides and drawings to implement SWER, and training for engineers and lineworkers to manage this new system, resulting in cost reductions of 10-30% compared to conventional medium voltage networks.


In 2023, the NRECA International team provided safety and operations training to increase local knowledge and expertise in operating medium voltage infrastructure for solar mini-grids. Safety and Operations Manuals were developed as part of the training program. NRECA International’s lineman trainers traveled to Sierra Leone to conduct in-person training for lineworkers employed by Energicity, a leading mini grid developer, installer and operator in West Africa, and topics covered also included hands-on technical and safety topics. NRECA has also been instrumental in diagnosing and rectifying electrical hazards in MV distribution networks