Looking back at 2020

As 2020 draws to a close, we’re highlighting a few stories from this year that demonstrate how the COVID-19 pandemic continues to heavily influence how we work and the lives of everyone we continue to help. These stories show that despite the challenges, we are finding innovative ways to achieve our mission to improve lives by providing affordable, reliable and safe access to electricity. Take a look at a few stories from this year.

Electricity for Maji 

The lesson we have learned this year’s pandemic isn’t new: Power access is critical. Without it, communities will not survive. Read about how we hope the electric cooperative model will help the people in Maji overcome many barriers in the future.

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The Totota Electric Co-op is now Self-Sufficient

After two years, with direction from NRECA International, support from America’s electric cooperatives, and strong commitment from the community, this electric co-op can now be a model on how communities in Liberia can direct their own futures.

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Getting Ohio volunteer lineworkers home

As the world closed its borders in March to contain the spread of COVID-19, 16 volunteer lineworkers were turning the lights on in a small village in Guatemala. Read about the all-out effort to bring them home safely to their families.

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Keeping the Lights on During COVID-19

The NRECA International staff are no strangers to challenges in their work, having gone through civil unrest and the Ebola crisis. However, this time, it’s different. Read how the team leader Dan Waddle is managing the “biggest challenge in his professional life” with his team.

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Strengthening Communities

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced NRECA International to temporarily suspend its popular volunteer program, but the team continues to pursue other charitable initiative to improve the lives of thousands in rural communities. Read about how you can help!

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