Cooperative Global Commitment ’22

In 2022, three teams of lineworkers from electric cooperatives in Florida, Oklahoma, Colorado, and Arkansas headed to Guatemala as part of our member-sponsored volunteer program. A total of 45 volunteers from 29 electric co-ops made it possible for more than 850 people to receive access to electricity for the first time. We deeply appreciate their hard work and cooperative spirit to helping bring power to those who need it. 

Thank you, for continuing to support our mission.


Powering Guatemala: Florida

Five electric cooperatives sent 14 volunteer lineworkers to Guatemala in December last year, bringing extra joy for the Christmas season to 30 families in the village of Guishoro.


Energy Trails: Colorado and Oklahoma

Electric cooperatives of Colorado and Oklahoma sent 16 volunteer linemen to build powerlines and wire homes in the village of La Montanita de la Virgen in eastern Guatemala, bringing first-time access electricity to 80 homes.


Operation Razorback: Arkansas

The team from Arkansas sent 15 volunteer lineworkers from nine electric co-ops in October, 2022, to bring power to Santa Martha, a village in the Alta Verapaz region of north central Guatemala. Their trip was cut short by relentless rain storms and severe flooding, but not before they built two miles of power lines and ensuring that the community in Santa Martha could turn the lights on in December.